Wednesday, May 2, 2012

A New Kind of Normal.

I just wanted to pass on a letter that was received after the conference. 

Dearest Tammy:

In the Hebrew language there is a beautiful word, "Avodah," which translates
"labor." You and your team have surely "labored" for the Carol Kent
conference . . . but it was a "Labor of Love" to a multitude of ladies!!!

Walking through the door really took my breath away. I stood to take in the
wonderfully draped fabric. What a brilliant idea and whole lot of work!!!!!
I have seen pictures of that and have even seen worship teams use vast
amounts of fabric as they moved throughout the congregation. However, these
were in place and spoke to me throughout the entire day! Thank you for
making that happen. AND, it is STILL SPEAKING to me!

Everywhere I went, there was MUCH ATTENTION given to detail to love on,
pamper, minister, and honor the ladies. The tables were so colorful and
elegant. I noticed all of the "girly girl" things in the restrooms. Don't
we have lovely restrooms, by the way! Your team has a real "flare" for
taking over the men's room!!!

Someone even thought about NOT putting the warmed chicken sandwich in the
box ahead of time. HATS OFF to the Heplers in ALL that they do and bless!
That volume of people just flowed right into the process very nicely. Even
the iced water was a unique presentation!

It just thrilled me to watch and listen as the ladies commented on all that
your team did to make that happen. What a beautiful thing to be made
soooooo very welcome as people are driving in from other locations and
different churches. I sat by a lady from Elkins who heard it on the radio!

I heard lots of great comments and saw many tender tears as these ladies
were "loved on" and "tended to" in a very personal and healing way. You and
your team flow in a spirit of excellence. I am certain that group of ladies
will remember this for many years to come because of the prayers, words,
healing, and delivering deeds of love and kindness.

Peace be unto you and yours,

Brenda Nickolich

Photo courtesy of Linda Day.


  1. Such an awesome time. Thanks to everyone who helped!

    1. God was gloried through the word, testimonies, music, fellowship, beautiful surroundings and unity of all the wonderful ladies working together as a team!! "Thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven". We had a little bit of heaven come down and glory filled our souls! Most of all women experienced the flowing of His spirit filling everyone with joy and hope!! TO GOD BE THE GLORY!!


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