Sunday, April 29, 2012

Guest Post: When God Writes Your Story.

Just yesterday, Carol Kent swept into town and left her impression on almost 300 women. The life this woman leads exudes the faith we should all strive for. What a weekend the ladies of our area have been blessed with. As i sat down to write this, I am almost speechless as I look back at only a few short hours ago to a conference that has changed the lives of many women, myself included. 

Carol Kent is an amazing woman of God that stands on His unfailing promises at every unexpected twist and turn of her life. Her story is one that few, if any of us could ever or will ever understand. She is a wife and mother like many of us, but that is where her story takes a dramatic turn from resembling anything we can fathom. Carol's son is currently living out a life sentence in a Florida penitentiary for committing the crime of murder. Her son was trying to protect his stepdaughters from the alleged abuse that their father had haunted these two young girls with. Her son was tried and convicted and now serving what Carol refers to as a "toe tag" sentence. ( I am sure you get the idea of what that means). Her son will never step on the soil of this Earth as a free man again.

I am amazed by the way this woman has given this situation over to the Lord. I am sure she would have never dreamed of not having him and his family spend time in her home, her granddaughters giggling and unwrapping presents around a popcorn strewn Christmas tree, not sharing in his life as he grew older and asking questions about this and that. As a mother, my heart breaks at the thought of it, yet God has given her strength. He has wrapped his arms around her, and instilled in her a peace that only He can give. She is stands firm in her faith and is unwavering in her belief that God is in complete control at all times. She has an unbreakable joy in her heart and smile on her face that could only have been put there by the Father. She is living out the Proverbs verse of trusting in the Lord and leaning not on her own understanding. She is a walking, breathing testimony to the power of completely giving our situations, our hurts, our tears, our fears our entire being over to God's sovereign plan for our lives.

He can do in us what he has done for her.

No matter what this world brings to our front door, we can know that God is in control and He works all things together for good for those that trust in Him.  He is writing our story.  He is the author that knows the ending to all the chaos that we endure on this temporary place we call home and guess what ladies... we live happily ever after!

Guest post by Kristy Cole.

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