Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Refreshing.....and refreshments!

I was talking with Tammy last night about the Ladies Tea.  You see, I've not gone in many years.  My grandma is not able to attend anymore, my mom doesn't want to go, and I have all boys.  It always kind of seemed like it really wasn't meant for me. 

But last night, it was like a little light went off.  While I don't have anyone to attend with me as a "Mother/Daughter" tea,  I have lots of wonderful church family to attend with.  Ladies who I am so blessed to know as well as others I need to get to know better.  What better opportunity than a gathering of women where the purpose is fellowship and celebrating the women and girls in our church!

Heather Sprenger will be sharing with us.  I love to hear her speak - she should do it more often.  The IMPACT girls have been working hard on their song with Mackenzie West.  And the talented Emily DeWitt will be leading us in worship.  Tammy and the group have a great spread set up for us:  flavored teas, punch, bundt cakes, veggie pizzas, chicken salad, fruits, veggies....and PB&J and cookies for the girls.  I'm sure it will be delish and beautiful as always.

So, if you like me and it wasn't your intention to go, would just think about it?  I think we'll have a great time.

It's not to late to sign up.  Sign up tonight at church, at the welcome center or call the church and just let them know you'll be attending. 

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