YOUniquely Single Mom

YOUniquely Single is a fellowship of single moms that meet together every Sunday at 9:15am in Room E6.  Each class is designed to help single moms through encouragement, fellowship, discipleship and spiritual growth opportunities.

Christ has a plan for the Single Mom!

All single moms are invited.  Childcare is always available.

Also,  don't forget about Divorce Care and Divorce Care for Kids on Sunday nights!

Leader: Sylvia Simons

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  1. The New Statistice are Staggering:
    Single Moms are the fastest growing population in the world today.
    The Census Bureau estimates over 18 MILLION single moms in the U.S.A today.
    Recent survey shows that 95% of single moms are un-churched - That equals 17 MILLION single moms with -out a church home.
    With 18 Million single moms in the U.S, that means 37.5 MILLION children are being raised by a single mom, with 95% of them un-churched equals 35.6 MILLION children un-churched.
    Single Moms in church are falling away or church shopping at a rapid pace; they feel they do not fit in anywhere in Women's Ministry or Singles, and desperately need fellowship with other single moms (from Hope and Help for the Single Mom).
    Our arms at Youniquely Single Moms is wide open for any single mom to come and join us. God does have a plan for the Single Mom and her family. Being a single mom is a tough job...strength and support awaits! Join us!


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