Sunday, September 6, 2015

Why I Serve.

You see that lady right there?

That's my Nan.  We started attending Trinity decades ago.  She modeled many things for me but one of the biggest things she modeled was having a servant's heart.

Cake needs baked?  No problem.
Just got out of the hospital?  I'll bring you dinner.
Dishes need washed?  OK.
Some one needs a ride? I'll be there.  (Although in all honestly they didn't ask that one very often.  She wasn't a great driver).

I grew up seeing these things done and helping from a young age.  It's a good thing. 

I read the book Hometown Tales by Phil Gulley several years ago.  In it he said "Jesus never went out of His way to help anyone".  I remember being a little shocked at that statement.  But you see, he went on to explain that Jesus never went out of his way to help anyone because helping people was never out of his way.  Helping others was just part of his life, not something he had to add to the schedule. 

I hope my kids see that. 

I hope that one day they can say "Mom never went out of her way to help anyone". 

I hope that just like my Nan showed me - helping out, serving others, serving our church - it isn't out of the way.

It's just what we do.