Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Reckless lover's of Christ

Reckless Lover’s of Christ

Here’s to the hero of the San Francisco marathon who crossed the finish line without seeing it (He was blind).

Here’s to the woman whose husband left her with a nest of kids to raise and bills to pay, but who somehow tells me every Sunday that god has never been closer.

Here’s to the single father of two girls who learned to braid their hair.

Here’s to the grandparents who came out of retirement to raise the children their children couldn’t raise.

Here’s to the foster parents who took in a child long enough for that child to take their hearts -then gave the child up again.

Here’s to the girl, told by everyone to abort the baby, who chose to keep the baby.

Here’s to the doctor who treats more than half of his patients for free.

Here is to the heroin addict turned missionary.

Heres to the executive who every Tuesday hosts a 5:30 am meeting for
Bible study and prayer.

Here is to all of your reckless lovers of God.

In the Eye of the Storm

*Allow me continue on….

Here’s to the Dad who coaches and prays with his team… he may be the only man doing this in these children’s lives.

Here’s to ALL the women who cook for those in need even though they are still busy with their own young families.

Here’s to the teacher who stays after school to share the word of God with students.

Here’s to the women who volunteer in the nursery so other women can be fed.

Here’s to the elderly woman who works at the grocery store…she always has a smile even though she is still living paycheck to paycheck. 

Here’s to the family who’s little boy is suffering with cancer, yet they praise God and trust Him with their son’s life.

Here’s to the child who sticks up for the one being bullied.

Here’s to the teacher who sees the beauty in every student she has ever taught because they were handcrafted by God.

Here’s to the woman fighting stage 4 cancer…praying her entire family becomes saved through her suffering.

I could go on….and on….and on…..about reckless lovers of life.

So thankful to The Giver of life…

Who are the reckless lovers of life in YOUR life?

From Max Lucado's "You Changed my Life" and Janelle at Comfy in the Kichen.

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