Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Today is mostly a sharing post, starting with sharing my new favorite music.  If you follow my personal blog, you'll know that I'm finishing up my Make Your Home A Haven challenge.  Part of the challenge is to play relaxing and restful music in your home.  I downloaded Christy Nockles "Into the Glorious" and I can't stop playing it.  So very good.

Don't forget that tonight starts our Beth Moore study called "Fulfill Your Ministry".  This is a low key class just right for this busy time of the year.  It runs for the next three weeks.  You can choose to do all the homework or just come view the video.  (I'm just watching the video). 

And lastly.....this week is the Women of Faith Christmas simulcast!  I feel like I should follow that statement up with a big "TaDa!".  I'm so excited to hear from all the people that are scheduled, but especially Lisa Harper and Kari Jobe.  There's still time to call some girlfriends and make plans to attend.  I've invited the girls from work.  Remember, it's a free event.

That's all the good stuff I have to share for today.  Enjoy!

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