Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Our Prayer Pail.

Ronnie & I have been teaching the boys this Summer about prayer. 

That it's not just a little rhyme that we say before meals or bed. 

We want them to know that they can approach God with their needs and to thank Him for his goodness.  To know that they can talk to Him at any time and He hears them. 

I found this idea on Pinterest and it's working out great for our family:
This is our Prayer Pail:

A mason jar with our different prayer requests on popscicle sticks.

We sit down as a family and write out the needs that we are going to pray for. 
We choose our leaders, pastors, the missionaries from our church, some family needs and of course, last week - for the electric to come on.

Each night before bed we choose a popscicle stick and in addition to our bedtime prayers, we pray for our need. 

This has worked out so well for our family.  I love that when the boys hear of a need, the first thing they now think of is to add it to our prayer pail so we can pray for it.

It's also great to see their excitement when they pull a stick out and that prayer has been answered. 

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