Thursday, January 2, 2014

Ladies Exercise Class.

Hi Ladies!  I got this email from Alisha about the exercise class on Tuesdays.  It's free and for all fitness levels.  Here's what she has to say:

I’m so excited to be doing this class!!

A little bit about my journey to getting fit (I’m still working at it,always will be :) ) I had been active all of my life playing sports all through school I could eat whatever I wanted and my body was not affected.  After college, marriage, and two wonderful little boys I put on the weight.  I gained 70lbs! It was time for change, I no longer wanted to talk about it I wanted to see it happen, so last year around the 2nd week in January I started.

I worked out in my own home doing beachbody workouts and completly changing how I eat. I have lost 67lbs!! I have just become a Beachbody Coach and want to help anyone that wants to get fit and just become healthier!  I know how hard it can be and I want to support, encourage, and push others so they can do the same!!

Let’s Crush this Girls!!! Hope to see you there!!!

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